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In the historical context of the Vilasa grant, Prolaya Nayaka ruled from Rekapalle, strategically located at the edge of the Papikondalu hills. This location allowed control over the narrow Sabari river valley, facilitating rebellion against the Sultanate with support from the Konda Reddis in the hill forests. Concurrently, Prolaya Vema Reddi of the Panta Reddi clan established independent rule in Addanki by 1325 and likely controlled the region between the Krishna and Godavari rivers. It is suggested that Prolayavema Reddi and Prolaya Nayaka collaborated to resist Muslim rule in the area. In 1330, Prolaya Nayaka issued the Vilasa grant near Pithapuram, expressing concern over the devastation caused by northern Muslim armies and legitimizing himself as the restorer of order. Prolaya Nayaka had no heirs and was succeeded by his cousin, Kapaya Nayaka, who governed until 1368, aiming to expand his rule further.

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