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Mic in Tiny Hands - Public Speaking for Children

Mic in Tiny Hands - Public Speaking for Children

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With an immaculate pedigree in the field of Human Resources, Leadership Development and Coaching, Dr. Anand Reddy Singareddy evolved as a prominent leader in Hyderabad. A certified Psychotherapist and an accomplished leader from reputed institutions like Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Centre and GrowMore, Stanford University and Dale Carnegie, besides a Doctoral Degree in Leadership from Nagarjuna University, Dr. Anand Reddy’s accomplishments reckons for excellence.
Dr. Anand Reddy etched his noteworthy contributions in nurturing exceptional contributions in fields of education and business corporations through training, coaching, publishing, keynote speaker etc.
Dr. Anand Reddy’s impact on the industry has been celebrated with accolades such as the HR Champion of the Year award, Iconic Business Leadership Award for behavioural training and OD from Golden AIM Awards, and Most Iconic Learning and Development Training Leader by World HRD

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